NCAPPS Brain Injury Learning Collaborative

This webinar provides an overview of the NCAPPS Brain Injury Learning Collaborative with guidance for staff in brain injury programs, State/Tribal/Territory human service agencies, or other organizations interested in forming a Learning Collaborative team. It also provides information about the application process for the Learning Collaborative. … Read More

Date: 11/2019

Author(s): NCAPPS

Press Release: New TBI Technical Assistance and Resource Center

This press release announces the launch of the ACL-funded Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Technical Assistance and Resource Center. HSRI will administer the new center along with its partners from the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (NASHIA) and a group of subject matter experts, including people with lived experience of TBI. … Read More

Date: 10/2019

Author(s): HSRI

Research Brief: Building on the Successes of Voucher Models to Promote Self-Direction

It’s well-documented that people with serious mental health conditions have difficulties getting the services they need to recover. Do mental health self-direction programs get people connected to and engaged with services and resources in their communities that can help with their recovery? To find out, HSRI researchers looked at 2 years of data from 94 participants in a self-direction program in Utah. The program was based on the state’s successful Access … Read More

Date: 10/2019

Author(s): HSRI

Microboards 101

This NCAPPS webinar provides an introduction to Microboards, which are tiny nonprofit corporations that are custom-designed to serve one person. Because of this singular focus, person-centered planning and service design is ‘baked-in' to the model. And it offers an ability to adapt quickly to someone's changing needs. Each Microboard is part of a larger personal circle of citizen-based support, connection, and companionship, offering a base for lifelong continuity of care, advocacy, and creative … Read More

Date: 09/2019

Author(s): NCAPPS

NCAPPS: Considering Brain Injury

This webinar assists participants in learning about person-centered supports for people with brain injury. It also covers the need for brain injury-specific information and understanding to guide person-centered practices. … Read More

Date: 08/2019

Author(s): Anastasia Edmonston, National Association of State Head Injury Administrators; Kelly Lang, NCAPPS Consultant; Anne Forrest, NCAPPS Consultant

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