Article published in “Disability and Health” journal

Date: 04/2024

Author(s): Lindsay A. DuBois, Valerie Bradley, and Nilüfer Isvan

The National Core Indicators team was published in Disability and Health, the official journal of the American Association on Health and Disability. The paper, titled "An observational investigation of unemployment, underemployment, and competitive integrated employment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities," cites data from the NCI-IDD In-Person Survey 2021-2022. Some key findings include:

  • Among those who want jobs or are currently employed, only 21% have competitive integrated employment. This group represents just 8% of all people with IDD who participated in the NCI-IDD IPS survey in 2021-22.
  • One of the strongest predictors of having competitive integrated employment is having an employment-related goal in the service plan, which was associated with 4.5x higher odds of having competitive integrated employment compared to being unemployed.

Whether a person wants to maintain their employment, increase their hours, or not have a job, these findings emphasize the importance of ensuring person-centered planning conversations examine employment preferences and identify the supports needed to achieve goals. The full paper can be purchased here. Reach out to the NCI team here to receive complimentary resources related to the findings. 

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