Video: Enhancing the Well-being of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Date: 11/2023

Author(s): Alexandra Bonardi, Dorothy Heirsteiner, Nilufer Isvan

Intellectual and developmental disabilities, or IDD for short, are associated with conditions such as Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, and autism spectrum disorder. People with these conditions may require supports to communicate with others, learn new things, live independently, or socialize. While there are many interventions that support people with IDD, the potential effects of these interventions on well-being are not fully understood. In this video, created in partnership with SciTube, we explore how person-centered approaches help people to feel that they have control over their lives and are more included in their communities.

This video is a summary of the paper ‘The effects of person-centred planning and practices on the health and well-being of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: a multilevel analysis of linked administrative and survey data’, in The Journal of Intellectual Disability Research,

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