Training Materials for Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC)

HSRI, in partnership with Mission Analytics, developed a webinar and resource guide on behavioral health promotion and suicide prevention for person-centered counseling professionals in the states that received Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Enhanced Options Counseling grants. The project is funded by SAMHSA with support from the Administration for Community Living (ACL) to enhance ADRC workforce competencies in serving persons with behavioral health issues in the older adult population. The webinar was attended … Read More

Date: 09/2016

Author(s): David Hughes, Dow Wieman, Rachael Gerber, Melissa Burnett

Final Evaluation Report: ProtectOHIO - Third Waiver Period

The Final Evaluation Report: ProtectOHIO - Third Waiver Period explores the impact of the Title IV-E Waiver (a national child welfare demonstration project) in 16 participating Ohio counties. Since 1997, these child welfare agencies have used flexible federal funding sources to enhance services and provide family-driven supports in an effort to reduce their use of foster care. This evaluation report examines the implementation of system reform efforts made possible by the Waiver, specifically focusing on two main … Read More

Date: 02/2016

Author(s): Cailin Wheeler, Linda Newton-Curtis, Alli Schisler, Justin Vollet

NCI: Evidence for HCBS Requirements and Revised HCBS Assurances

This guide identifies relevant National Core Indicators (NCI) data that states can use to inform their statewide assessment efforts and to demonstrate systems-level ongoing compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) home and community-based services (HCBS) requirements and with Quality Assurances and Sub-Assurances. CMS quality management expectations for the operation of HCBS continue to evolve. CMS issued HCBS requirements that went into effect in March 2014; these included requirements for HCBS settings … Read More

Date: 11/2015

Author(s): HSRI

The Riot! - Issue 36: We Belong

The Riot! Staff teamed up with People First of Canada (PFC) to create the first-ever Canadian issue of The Riot. In this Maple Leaf Edition, PFC members share their stories of belonging. … Read More

Date: 02/2016

Author(s): The Riot! Staff

Supported Decision-Making Pilot: Year 1 Evaluation Report

This report presents the results of the first-year evaluation of a pilot project in western Massachusetts. The pilot project is a joint initiative between the Center for Public Representation and Nonotuck Resource Associates. The report notes key lessons learned and provides recommendations for those looking to implement supported decision-making (SDM). As stated in the report, CPR and Nonotuck established a cooperative organizational foundation for SDM, invested considerable resources in SDM education … Read More

Date: 12/2015

Author(s): Elizabeth Pell and Virginia Mulkern

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