NCAPPS: Student-Directed Individualized Education Plan

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a cornerstone in the planning and delivery of educational supports for students who are eligible for special education services. How can systems ensure that the IEP is truly person-centered? Making sure the student plays a central role in forming and implementing an IEP is a first step as the student develops their strengths and receives appropriate support. In this NCAPPS webinar, a panel — featuring an educational consultant, a … Read More

Date: 10/2020

Author(s): National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems

Webinar: Building Foundations for Person-Centered Practices

The first webinar in a three-part series from the North Dakota Department of Human Services, presenters discuss what Person-Centered Practices are and share lived experiences to demonstrate why they are important. Details on North Dakota’s Person-Centered Practices initiative were discussed, including how the State is developing a strong and consistent vision and universal understanding of person-centeredness across all North Dakota Department of Human Services entities and community partners. The webinar took place on … Read More

Date: 09/2020

Author(s): North Dakota Department of Human Services

Applying Peer Support to the Top 10 Concerns About Person-Centered Planning in Mental Health Systems

In 2012, Janis Tondora and colleagues authored an article outlining The Top Ten Concerns about Person-Centered Care Planning in Mental Health Systems. In this brief, Martha Barbone, a member of the NCAPPS Person-Centered Advisory and Leadership Group, describes the role that peer support can play in addressing each of these concerns. … Read More

Date: 08/2020

Author(s): Martha Barbone for NCAPPS

NCAPPS: Person-Centered Planning and Peer Support Across Disability

This NCAPPS webinar features three peer supporters sharing their perspectives on person-centered planning. Presenters Martha Barbone, Ebony Flint, and Sassy Outwater-Wright discuss opportunities and challenges for blending and strengthening peer support and person-centered planning in diverse communities, and in physical, mental health, and intellectual and developmental disability services.  … Read More

Date: 08/2020

Author(s): NCAPPS

North Dakota Department of Human Services: Asset Map

This Asset Map is a “snapshot” of the North Dakota Department of Human Services (ND DHS) system and its stakeholders at a point in time. It's a working document and a tool used to: Document Stakeholder Engagement Assets: Target Groups and Initiatives Encourage Systematic and Strategic Thinking About Next Steps, Ultimately Saving Time and Resources Reference When Brainstorming Potential Target Groups to Engage Expand and Improve on Current Systems and Processes … Read More

Date: 07/2020

Author(s): HSRI for NCAPPS

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