Adult Services Planning Summary: Psychiatric Crisis Redesign in Milwaukee County

HSRI and its partner the Wisconsin Policy Forum were asked to facilitate a project aimed at redesigning the psychiatric crisis service system in Milwaukee County. The project stemmed from the impending outsourcing of Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division (BHD) inpatient services and the anticipated closure of the county’s Mental Health Complex, including BHD’s psychiatric emergency department. It was steered by an Advisory Committee comprised of public and private sector … Read More

Date: 12/2018

Author(s): HSRI and the Wisconsin Policy Forum

Goal Matrix: North Dakota Behavioral Health Vision 20/20

This document contains a list of goals related to North Dakota's implementation of recommendations from the 2018 Behavioral Health System Study. It also contains a list of commonly used acronyms. … Read More

Date: 11/2018

Author(s): HSRI

North Dakota Behavioral Health Vision 20/20: Strategic Plan Protocol

This document provides a roadmap for the coordinated, data-driven system improvement activities that North Dakota can undertake to implement recommendations from the 2018 Behavioral Health System Study. The goal of this work is to set the course for the North Dakota community to engage in ongoing system monitoring, planning, and improvements in the long term. … Read More

Date: 11/2018

Author(s): HSRI

NADD Conference Presentation: People With Self-Injurious Behavior

This presentation provides a brief background on self-injurious behavior in people with ID/DD, a review of NCI data on the relative characteristics and outcomes of people who need support for self-injurious behavior compared to those who do not, and an exploration of policy implications. … Read More

Date: 11/2018

Author(s): Valerie Bradley

HSRI Evaluation Experience: Project LAUNCH

HSRI served as the technical assistance lead for SAMHSA's Project LAUNCH from 2013 through 2018. This flier outlines our capabilities to assist grantees in meeting and exceeding SAMHSA’s requirements for the evaluation component of their grant. … Read More

Date: 10/2018

Author(s): HSRI

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