National Core Indicators COVID-19 Bulletin

To aid the NCI community in this unprecedented time, NCI is sharing some preliminary data from the 2018-19 In-Person Survey (IPS). These data, though not collected during the pandemic, point to areas where states might be able to help mitigate feelings of social isolation and loneliness among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)—feelings that may be heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders. … Read More

Date: 04/2020

Author(s): National Core Indicators

NCAPPS: Building Capacity Using Family-Centered Approaches

Family-centered practice is widely recognized as the best approach in building the capacity of families of young children with developmental delays or disabilities. However, like person-centered supports, challenges with implementation are recognized. Using co-design and peer work our featured presenters have addressed this gap through the creation of novel approaches to family-centered planning, practices, and supports to build family participation. This webinar covers: The global impact of an award-winning program Their evidence and research-informed approaches … Read More

Date: 02/2020

Author(s): NCAPPS

NCAPPS: Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

This webinar covers: 1) the critical role that people and families may play in proactively initiating conversations with state agencies; 2) partnerships between state agencies to develop a comprehensive approach to service delivery; and 3) the importance of stakeholder engagement early in the program design phase, throughout implementation, and on an ongoing basis as the program evolves to ensure that services address stakeholder needs. … Read More

Date: 01/2020

Author(s): NCAPPS

Baltimore Public Behavioral Health System Gap Analysis

Working with Behavioral Health System Baltimore, HSRI conducted an assessement for the City of Baltimore to identify possible areas for improvement in the current public behavioral health system, especially those that might help individuals to avoid contacts with law enforcement during times of behavioral health crisis. This report presents the findings of that assessment and HSRI's recommendations for improvements. … Read More

Date: 12/2019

Author(s): HSRI

Finding the Balance: Person-Centered Supports that Honor Safety and Dignity of Risk

Person-centered supports must ensure that people have opportunities to make informed choices and to be supported in managing the risks that come with those decisions. Direct support providers have a role in helping people to live lives of their choosing and often face the challenge of balancing the individual’s choice with the provider's ‘duty of care’. This NCAPPS webinar will share: The experiences of people with disabilities in planning, … Read More

Date: 12/2019

Author(s): NCAPPS

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