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National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems

The National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems (NCAPPS) is a national technical assistance center funded by the Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. HSRI is serving as the Center’s administrator, coordinating and providing assistance to help states, tribes, and territories implement person-centered practices. … Read More

Baltimore City Public Behavioral Health System Analysis

We’re working with the City of Baltimore and Behavioral Health System Baltimore (a nonprofit) to identify and address gaps in Baltimore’s public behavioral health system. … Read More

Advancing Health Care Transparency: A National Inventory of Tools to Guide State Policy

Funded by the New York State Health Foundation and working with HonestHealth, we examined an inventory of more than 230 health care transparency tools from across the nation to determine best practices and essential features—and provided a set of recommendations to New York State. … Read More

Multnomah County Mental Health System Analysis

Multnomah County is focused on providing accessible and effective mental health services—connecting people to the right care at the right time. We’re conducting a deep systems analysis for the County, engaging with community stakeholders, reviewing previous studies, examining funding and reimbursement mechanisms, and focusing on touchpoints between systems, where individuals in need might fall through the cracks. … Read More

North Dakota Comprehensive Behavioral Health System Analysis

We are working with the North Dakota Department of Human Services to understand community behavioral health needs and existing services, provide recommendations for closing gaps between community need and current resources, and supporting implementation of systems change activities. … Read More

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