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Minnesota Waiver Reimagine

Along with our project partners, we’re working with the Disability Services Division (DSD) of Minnesota’s Department of Human Services to make its system more person-centered, improving system structures to give people more choice and control over the services they receive. … Read More

Long Beach City College Foster Youth Program Development and Evaluation

About 4,000 foster youth age out of California’s foster care system each year, and in Los Angeles County only 3% of foster youth go on to graduate from college. To address this, Long Beach City College is working to develop a comprehensive support program for former foster youth on campus. We're delighted to be assisting, providing consultation and evaluation services. … Read More

Evaluation of the Capacity of the New Hampshire Behavioral Health System

The New Hampshire Legislature called for a comprehensive system evaluation to identify statewide behavioral health system needs, gaps, and recommendations. Under contract with the Department of Health and Human Services, HSRI used a mixed methods approach that consisted of three main elements: reviewing existing documents and reports, conducting interviews with a range of key informants, and analyzing data provided by DHHS and other stakeholders. … Read More

Substance Use Disorder Providers and Insurance Reimbursement

With funding from ASPE, we examined and documented state policies and strategies around substance use disorder treatment—including provider licensing and credentialing requirements, reimbursements for services, and the innovative methods states are using to expand their provider networks. … Read More

Maine Health Data Warehouse

Working with the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) and our partner NORC, we helped design and build a state of the art data submission system and data warehouse for Maine’s all-payer claims and hospital encounter data. We’ve also been assisting MHDO to produce timely data releases and ad hoc analysis to support state and legislative initiatives. … Read More

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