Family Information Systems Project

FISP: Promoting effective supports for families and people with IDD

We assist staff at the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota on annual data collection and analysis to help federal and state agencies understand state efforts and trends in supporting families and individuals with IDD living in homes of their own or with family members.


In addition to helping states gain a better understanding of service populations and the types of family supports provided, the data are also used to compare and contrast services and expenditures targeting the person with IDD versus those targeting the family members with whom they reside, and to compare services for children with IDD to services for adults with IDD.

  • Data Collection and Analysis

Examining services and populations by state

Funded by the Administration on Community Living, the Supporting Individuals and Families Information Systems Project (FISP) is a national data collection initiative that documents the number of people who receive state funded developmental disability services while living home with family, their ages, the types of services they receive, and the dollars spent. The results are used to better understand and promote effective supports for families and individuals with IDD who direct their own support. 

States report separately on two age cohorts (birth-21 and 21+) and by varying funding sources (Medicaid and state funds only).

The Results

In addition to presenting an annual “Status and Trends” report with the findings, the FISP team also produces longitudinal data analyses, conducts policy studies, and disseminates findings. 

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The longitudinal nature of FISP data collection makes it possible to examine trends over time, and online tools allow researchers to examine the national picture or drill down to specific states.
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The FISP team presents results in a variety of formats, and uses interactive, online tools to display data on topics of interest to researchers, policymakers, and others.

Administration on Community Living

Project Partner(s):

Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota

National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services

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