Journal spotlights research on self-directed care

Now featured in the Editor’s Choice collection in Psychiatric Services: Research from Bevin Croft, Nilufer Isvan, and colleagues found that individuals who self-direct while working toward recovery goals have better employment and housing outcomes than people who do not. Read more.

HSRI helps Maine Cancer Foundation create 'Cancer Blueprint'

Maine Cancer Foundation has announced the creation of the first Maine Cancer Blueprint, a comprehensive, interactive, data-driven tool designed to increase knowledge and awareness of issues related to cancer, expand access to care, and support lifestyle changes to reduce cancer risk. Read more.


HSRI assists public managers to develop policies and infrastructure that are sustainable and that support person-centered practices and inclusive and supportive communities. To support these aspirations, we employ innovative technology, evidence-based practices, and data-driven strategies in our work.

Valerie Bradley

HSRI Co-Founder and President Emerita

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