North Dakota Person-Centered Practices

Person-Centered Practices assist individuals to have control over the life they desire and engage fully in their communities

Every person should have the opportunity to define their happiness and the life they desire. A person’s life is realized when family, friends, community members, and service providers actively listen to what matters to a person, by respecting and honoring their values, strengths, culture, hopes, and dreams. Person-Centered Practices occur through the development and implementation of services and supports that are informed by a person’s preferences, strengths, and choices. North Dakota is developing a strong and consistent statewide vision and universal understanding of person-centeredness across all North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (ND DHHS) entities and community partners. Together we will: bring diverse voices to the table, support individuals participating in services and statewide system change efforts, transform policies to reflect statewide person-centered values and culture, and ensure communication is accessible and relatable.

Upcoming Summit Information

Session 1: May 10, 2023 12pm CT

A Celebration of North Dakota’s Department of Health and Human Services Commitment to Change

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Session 2: May 17, 2023 12pm CT

Individual Experience with Person-Centered Practices

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Session 3: May 24, 2023 12pm CT

Highlights of Partnerships in Creating a Person-Centered System

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Session 4: May 31, 2023 12pm CT

North Dakota DHHS Person-Centered System Accomplishments

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Session 5: June 7, 2023

North Dakota DHHS Program, Person-Centered Impact Highlights

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Unifying Efforts

The Self-Assessment is a tool for people who manage programs that offer support services to establish baselines, create action plans, and measure progress toward building a more person-centered system. Each ND DHHS division will complete the process, with support from a project manager, guidance from subject matter experts, and input from stakeholders, including individuals who receive services.

See the Areas Covered in the Self-Assessment

Creating Positive, Meaningful Lives

Person-Centered Practices assist everyone (individuals who receive services, family members, staff, organizations, and systems) in creating a positive and meaningful life, building on an individual's unique interests and strengths.

View the Four Main Person-Centered Principles

North Dakota Person-Centered Guiding Principles

Ensuring System Change

With support from the technical assistance provided by NCAPPS, an ND DHHS cross-division workgroup developed North Dakota’s Technical Assistance Plan, detailing goals, activities, and timing to ensure statewide implementation and system change.

Learn about the Goals and Objectives

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

The Asset Map is a working tool to document existing stakeholder engagement opportunities; encourage systematic and strategic thinking about next steps, ultimately saving time and resources; reference when brainstorming potential groups to engage; and expand and improve on current systems and processes within ND DHHS.

Use the Asset Map During Engagement

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Engage Individuals Who Receive Services

The goal to consistently include service recipients in decision making requires them to be in the room and at the table when decisions are being made. This guide details five strategies and proven practices to directly involve people in workgroups and teams.
View North Dakota's Guide of Best Practices

Equity in Engagement: Listening Sessions

In the fall of 2019, representatives from ND DHHS and NCAPPS visited with American Indians and New Americans throughout the state to exchange ideas about equity in person-centered thinking, planning, and practice.

View the Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Proven Commitment

NCAPPS is an initiative from the Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and is run by the Human Services Research Institute, to help states, tribes, and territories implement person-centered thinking, planning, and practice in line with US Department of Health and Human Services policy. North Dakota was one of 15 states to apply and receive technical assistance for up to three years, to help advance person-centered thinking, planning, and practice. 

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Together, We’re Better

North Dakota’s Person-Centered Practices initiative is a statewide, systemwide priority. All voices and actions are instrumental in the process to assist individuals in having control over the life they desire and fully engaging in their communities.

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Video: What Should a Person-Centered Plan Be Like?

Video: Why We Value PCP

Video: Chris Jones

Vidoe: PCP Prepatory Questions

Funding for the Project

ND DHHS is funding the systemwide effort, with support from the Behavioral Health Division and Money Follows the Person.

DHHS is putting on a summit! Here is a flyer with information on the sessions along with the links to register. The first session is scheduled May 10th

Past Webinars

Building Foundations for Person-Centered Practices, Part 1 of 3

Speakers: Michael Smull, Jake Anderson, Sheryl Beard, Tanya RedRoad

The first webinar in a three-part series from the North Dakota Department of Human Services, presenters discuss what Person-Centered Practices are and share lived experiences to demonstrate why they are important. Details on North Dakota’s Person-Centered Practices initiative were discussed, including how the State is developing a strong and consistent vision and universal understanding of person-centeredness across all North Dakota Department of Human Services entities and community partners. The webinar took place on September 9, 2020 from 10:30-12:00 Central Time.

View the recording.

Download the presentation slides.

Putting People at the Center of the Practices, Part 2 of 3

Speakers: Jennifer Turner, Alisha Owens, Lindsay Schuh, Shannon Strating, Shannon VandeVenter

During the second webinar in a three-part series, presenters discuss practical tips on how stakeholders can support people with disabilities in the process of person-centered planning. Speakers demonstrated that person-centered planning is for everyone; shared best practices on receiving person-centered services online; and discussed choice, decision-making, self-determination, risk, and the element of consent. 

View the recording.

Download the presentation slides.

Embracing Diversity in Person-Centered Practices, Part 3 of 3

Speakers: Tawara Goode, M. Angel Moniz, Ganesh Suryawanshi, Leslee Williams

The final webinar in the three-part series, presenters discuss the impact of cultural awareness, competency and equity in person-centered thinking, planning, and practice. Speakers demonstrated that person-centered planning is for everyone and share best practices for increasing accessibility related to communication and language barriers to ensure that plans and practices are personalized and reflect the desires of the person receiving services.

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