Toolkit on Evaluating Quality of Life for Persons with Severe Mental Illness

Date: 1/1995

Author(s): Anthony Lehman, MD, MSPH, Eimer Kernan, M.S.W., Leticia Postrado, Ph.D.

The Quality of Life (QOL) Toolkit provides complete instructions for assessing quality of life for persons with severe mental illness. It includes a discussion of the concept of quality of life, a review of instruments that have been used in QOL assessments, the full version of the Lehman QOL Interview (in hard copy and on disk) with training manual; the Brief Version of the QOLI (in hard copy and on disk) with training manual; information on data analysis including instructions for determining sample size, scale construction, scoring guide, code books, and data specification sheets; data programming instructions in SAS and SPSSX (system files on disk); and examples of table results. Also included in the Toolkit is a selection of reprints describing studies that have utilized the Lehman QOL Interview.

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