North Dakota Behavioral Health System Study: Final Report

Date: 04/2018

Author(s): HSRI

HSRI was selected by the North Dakota Department of Human Services to conduct an evaluation of the capacity of the state's behavioral health system to prevent and respond to behavioral health challenges and promote the well-being of North Dakotans. Our report points to a shortage of prevention and early intervention services—in particular, activities focused on mental illness prevention and social and emotional wellness—and an overreliance on residential and inpatient services. 

The report details a series of recommendations, several of which focus on the benefits of early intervention as well as more comprehensive outpatient services for children and youth. The report also provides several recommendations for increasing health equity, addressing troubling workforce shortages that continue to impede the system, and expanding the state’s network of peer support services. It also offers recommendations for training and working with other system agencies to help responders recognize and appropriately support people with behavioral health issues, preventing their unnecessary involvement with the criminal justice system. 

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