NCI Staff Stability Survey Report 2015

Date: 11/2016

Author(s): NASDDDS & HSRI

The 2015 Staff Stability Report compiles survey data taken from provider agencies regarding the direct support professional (DSP) workforce. Some initial findings include: 

  • Across responding agencies, the turnover rate for DSPs in 2015 ranged from 17.7% to 75.6% and the average across all responding agencies was 44.8%.
  • Vacancy rates for full-time positions ranged from 6.0% to 14.6% with an average of 9.4%. Vacancy rates for part-time positions ranged from 5.9% to 26.6% with an average of 14.6%.
  • DSPs received a median hourly wage of $10.72. Broken out by service type, median hourly wages were:
    • $10.60 for DSPs providing residential supports
    • $10.72 for DSPs providing in-home supports
    • $10.91 for DSPs providing non-residential supports

The report includes findings from 16 states and the District of Columbia.

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