NCI Annual Report 2007-2008

Date: 9/2009

Author(s): NCI

This report provides detailed state system performance data on individual outcomes, including employment, community participation, choice and decision making; health, welfare and rights covering personal safety, self advocacy and use of medications; family outcomes, addressing information and planning, choice and control and access to support; and other dimensions such as staff stability and competency, and system performance.

Intended to be used in combination with other quality measures such as critical incident reporting, risk assessment and provider monitoring, the NCI indicators are standardized and risk adjusted to permit state to state comparisons and performance benchmarking against national norms. Many states include NCI data as a core component of their CMS mandated waiver program quality management strategy. Currently over thirty state developmental disabilities agencies gather NCI data on a regular basis and the program continues to grow as new states join each year.

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