NCAPPS: Person-Centered Decision Making in Healthcare and Care at End of Life

Date: 02/2022

Author(s): NCAPPS

It’s not uncommon for people with disabilities to confront bias when engaging with healthcare providers and systems. For example, providers might make wrong assumptions about people’s decision-making abilities and their goals for care and treatment. This bias can result in inappropriate care. In this webinar, panelists will talk about the benefits and the limitations of advance care planning as a more person-centered approach to care. Advance care planning and health care directives are written instructions that tell people who care about you, others, and providers the type of medical care you want in the event that you’re not able to speak for yourself. 

The panelists will cover key concepts in healthcare decision making and advance directives. They’ll talk about how these can come into play with regard to culture, faith and spirituality, advocacy and lived experience, and provision of community-based services.

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