Finding the Balance: Person-Centered Supports that Honor Safety and Dignity of Risk

Date: 12/2019

Author(s): NCAPPS

Person-centered supports must ensure that people have opportunities to make informed choices and to be supported in managing the risks that come with those decisions. Direct support providers have a role in helping people to live lives of their choosing and often face the challenge of balancing the individual’s choice with the provider's ‘duty of care’.

This NCAPPS webinar will share:

  1. The experiences of people with disabilities in planning, navigating concerns about well-being, and seeking the dignity of risk.
  2. The requirements, challenges, and successes of providers in delivering person-centered supports that consider health and safety while honoring a person's right to make decisions that may not always be in their best interest.
  3. Training resources that equip DSPs with the skills and strategies to manage health and safety concerns in a person-centered way.
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