Report of the Roundtable on Multicultural Issues in Mental Health Services Evaluation

Date: 3/1998

Author(s): Prepared by Evaluation Group for the Analysis of Data (EGAD) with collaboration from the Evaluation Center@HSRI.

A Roundtable discussion (working conference) of multicultural issues in Mental Health services evaluation was held in Tucson, AZ on November 1-2, 1996. The goals of the Roundtable were to begin discussion among persons with multicultural expertise regarding the content, methodology, and design of mental health evaluations that would be sensitive to multicultural issues and to identify technical assistance options that could be implemented using the available resources of the Evaluation Center@HSRI. This report summarizes the proceedings of the presentations and discussions. Subsequent sections outline the central themes that emerged during the Roundtable. The report concludes with the consensus recommendations of participants.

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