Performance Measurement Using the MHSIP Consumer Oriented Report Card

Date: 11/1998

Author(s): The Evaluation Center @ HSRI

This Toolkit has been developed to support users of the MHSIP Consumer-Oriented Report Card, a set of performance indicators and measures developed by the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP). The Toolkit provides guidance to persons implementing a performance measurement system on a host of practical and methodological topics. The Toolkit is organized into six chapters: Introduction, Planning and Organizing your Performance Measurement System, Design and Methods, Data Management and Analysis, Reporting Results, and Evaluating a MHSIP Report Card Project. Finally, the Toolkit includes several appendices taken from the experience of states including an example of a state mental health authority's budget for a performance measurement project, sample translations of the Consumer Survey, and a literature review on the use of consumer interviewers.

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