Indiana Hoosier Assurance Plan Packet

Author(s): Fredrick L. Newman, Richard Deliberty, Kay Hodges, John McGrew, & Manual J. Tejeda

The Hoosier Assurance Plan is a legislative mandate to provide care for adults with serious mental illness, or a chronic addiction, or both; and, children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance. The key system features are managed competition among service providers, informed consumer choice supported by a Provider Profile Report Card, an advisory panel (with consumer involvement) to guide system development, and empirical evidence to support Level of Care Determination/Reimbursement. This packet contains several materials related to the Hoosier Assurance Plan: • Report on Research/Implementation Strategy and Assessment Instruments to Support Level of Care Determination • Potential Format of CAFAS and HAPI-Adult Outcome Data for the 2nd Edition of the Provider Profile Report Card • Hoosier Assurance Plan Instrument for Adults [HAPI-Adult]: A Public Domain Assessment Instrument • Training Packet for the HAPI-Adult • Provider Profile Report Card, 1st Edition [November, 1996]

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