Implementing Outcomes Management Systems in Mental Health Settings

Date: 8/1997

Author(s): G. Richard Smith, Jr., M.D., Carol Nordquist, M.A., Ellen P. Fischer, Ph.D., Cindy Mosley, Nancy S. Ledbetter, M.B.A.

Outcomes management is a recently described process to improve the outcomes and quality of care. The goal of outcomes management is to increase the effectiveness of health care interventions received by clients using a systematic assessment of clinical processes and outcomes and the provision of this information to those involved in treatment. Considerable work has been conducted to develop and adapt this methodology for the mental health care setting; however, little information exists on the actual implementation of a successful outcomes management system (OMS). This paper describes the process whereby an organization can implement such a system. While straightforward, implementation of an OMS requires thought and effor t to be successful.

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