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Promoting healthcare transparency in New Hampshire

With the New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID), we calculate the costs of the healthcare services and procedures available on the state’s healthcare transparency website, NH HealthCost, to help consumers better understand what they may pay. We’re actively expanding the quality measures available on the website to help consumers understand how different facilities in New Hampshire perform and the care they can expect to receive.


When they follow best practices, healthcare price and quality transparency tools can benefit both consumers who use the tools and the broader healthcare market.

By providing detailed cost information, including out-of-pocket costs, and quality information in a user-friendly format, NHID is shedding light on variability and helping consumers make informed decisions.

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Quality Improvement
  • Data Design
  • Dissemination

Helping consumers and professionals understand how much healthcare services cost

Working with NHID, we have been conducting quality assurance testing of the SAS code used to produce the cost estimates on the NH HealthCost website and recommending and implementing methodological changes for the display of cost information—all with the goal of helping consumers in New Hampshire know what they can expect to pay.

Combatting the belief that higher cost equals higher quality

Integrating meaningful quality data into healthcare transparency websites is vital to combatting the belief among consumers that higher cost equals higher quality. To empower consumers as purchasers of health insurance and healthcare services, NHID is improving and expanding the quality information available on HealthCost. Using a set of custom vetting criteria, our team is researching existing and new quality measures to integrate into the website. We’re also helping to develop data display enhancements so that users can better understand the quality data and get a more complete picture of healthcare value.

The Results

HSRI is ensuring methodological changes are implemented according to best practices, to enhance the quality of the data on NH HealthCost and keep it the leading healthcare resource for New Hampshire consumers. 

HSRI is a great partner to work with on our price transparency project, The team works closely with us to calculate cost estimates used on the site from our APCD data. All of the analysts on the project are very capable and a pleasure to work with.

Maureen Mustard

Director of Healthcare Analytics, New Hampshire Insurance Department


New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID)

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