Valerie Bradley Presents at the Data Science and Right to Science Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Date: 05/2019

From May 18-21, HSRI's Valerie Bradley participated in a conference and symposium in Dubrovnik, Croatia on the right to science as a human right. The theme of the first meeting, Big Data and the Right to Science, drew researchers, technologists, and health administrators.  Valerie presented on the Right to Science and people with disabilities. Her talk highlighted the importance of technology in the lives of people with disabilities in supporting them to be active participants in their community, in jobs, and in relationships. She also highlighted the ways in which people with disabilities have been the unwitting subjects of scientific experimentation. She shared recommendations regarding the involvement of people with disabilities in the design of technology that they rely on. 

The symposium included people from the US as well as Europe who have been meeting as a study group for over a year. Valerie gave a short talk on performance metrics, self-direction, stakeholder engagement, and the connection between the rights in the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the importance of technology is realizing those rights.

Val speaks from the podium at the Right to Science Conference in Dubrovnik

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