New NCI Co-Directors for HSRI

Date: 10/2021

The National Core Indicators team, which includes National Core Indicators—Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NCI-IDD) and National Core Indicators—Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD), is pleased to announce that Stephanie Giordano and Dorothy Hiersteiner will be serving as NCI Co-Directors for HSRI. Alixe Bonardi, the previous NCI Director will continue to serve NCI in an advisory capacity.

Though they will collaborate in the overall management of the NCI suite of tools, Stephanie will continue to serve as the primary contact for the NCI-AD survey, and Dorothy will continue to serve as the primary contact for the NCI-IDD surveys.

Stephanie Giordano headshotStephanie Giordano has been working at HSRI and on the NCI team for 10 years. For the past year, she has served as interim director of NCI-AD for HSRI. Stephanie’s work is driven by a passion for bettering the lives of older adults and people with disabilities, as well as their families. Her areas of expertise lie in survey implementation methodology and techniques (including population-specific techniques), surveyor training, quality assurance, stakeholder engagement, and user-friendly dissemination of information.


Dorothy Hiersteiner headshotDorothy Hiersteiner has worked at HSRI on the NCI team for nine years. Before becoming Co-Director of NCI, Dorothy served as the Assistant Director for NCI-IDD at HSRI. Her passion for data, outcome measurement, evidence-based policy and social justice guide her work. Dorothy is skilled in strategic planning and coordination of multiple partner collaborations. Her experience also includes data management and data analysis, report writing and editing, and communications. She has cowritten many journal articles and contributed to numerous technical reports, data briefs, manuscripts, and training/TA materials.

In serving as Co-Directors, Stephanie and Dorothy will bring together and streamline the management of the NCI surveys (NCI-IDD and NCI-AD). The blending of management and processes will encourage collaboration and facilitate the use of NCI tools to measure performance across the populations.

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