Working through COVID-19

Date: 04/2020

Our heart goes out to everyone whose health or family has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. These last few weeks (and months, for some) have brought so many changes to the way we live and work. Our own workforce has transitioned from partly to fully remote, and we’re constantly connecting and trying new things to stay positive and engaged through this tough time.

For almost 45 years, HSRI has had the privilege of working with the talented and passionate administrators and staff at health and human services agencies around the country, supporting them as they strive to improve services and outcomes. We have seen the incredible progress public managers have made over the years to build quality systems of community supports and to address issues of access.  All these efforts share the goal of building healthy, inclusive communities: the communities we are missing so deeply right now in this time of physical distancing. 

These difficult times present specific challenges for the individuals encompassed within HSRI’s mission.  They face isolation, staff uncertainty, and potentially discrimination in terms of their access to life-saving medical care given the stress on healthcare systems. Please know that we are committed to aligning our efforts to meet the changing needs of people receiving services and the public managers responsible for responding throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

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