Sharon Ulery

Sharon Ulery

Research Associate

Sharon is a research associate whose work is driven by a commitment to evidence-based improvements in health care access and equity. Sharon is particularly dedicated to working with public agency staff to report high-level, policy relevant metrics and trends in health care insurance claims and code sets. Sharon is highly skilled in database and statistical programming in SQL and Stata. She also has deep experience in working with population-specific health needs.

Prior to joining HSRI, Sharon was a clinical data specialist at Fenway Health, where she provided reports on patient medical data to clinical and research staff. She also worked on improvements to the center’s health informatics infrastructure. Sharon also contributed to Fenway on a volunteer basis on the Peer Listening Line and LGBT Helpline.

When not at work, Sharon enjoys social dancing (swing, blues, and country two-step), winning games of Set and losing Ticket to Ride, and perfecting her salad dressing recipe.


  • Bachelor of arts in mathematics from Bowdoin College

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