Rachael Gerber

Rachael Gerber

Director of Operations - Behavioral Health


Rachael is a research associate whose work is focused on using data to improve health systems. Specifically, her work supports state and local mental health and substance use disorder service agencies to better understand their system strengths and gaps and identify strategies to improve system access, quality, and outcomes.

Rachael is highly skilled at working with health care administrative data as well as data from national and state surveys and surveillance systems. She is interested in cross-sector data sharing and linkages to improve health care and support systems. 

In prior roles, Rachael worked on an epidemiologic study of chronic disease (the Boston Area Community Health Survey) and a study examining HIV risk among adolescent couples. She was a community health volunteer in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa.

When not at work, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her family.


  • Master of public health from Yale School of Public Health
  • Bachelor of arts in history from Boston University

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