Kezia Wafula

Kezia Wafula

Data Quality Analyst

Kezia Wafula is a data quality analyst whose work is driven by a passion for healthcare transparency and equity. She is dedicated to working with public agency staff to help disperse health care information. Kezia is also highly skilled in R programming and in Excel. In addition to supporting clients in post-ingestion quality control, Kezia also has deep experience in working with CDC databases and surveys to derive healthcare data.

Prior to joining HSRI, Kezia was an undergraduate student at Meredith College, where her work addressed maternal and infant health in relation to socioeconomic and demographic factors. As an intern at Mount Sinai, she worked as a field coordinator on a mapping project related to gentrification and food security in the Bronx. Kezia has volunteered at Little Rock (a school for children with disabilities) as well as several other orphanages in Kenya.

When not at work, Kezia enjoys visiting museums, cooking, and travelling to new places.


  • Bachelor of science in biology and economics from Meredith College

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