John Agosta

John Agosta

Senior Policy Fellow

As a senior policy fellow at HSRI, John provides research direction and leads human service system redesign projects for agencies across the United States and Canada.

John offers over three decades of experience designing and conducting system assessments, research, and technical assistance for public agencies and community-based organizations nationwide. He focuses on developing infrastructure and capacity-building solutions to help agencies implement equitable, individually tailored, needs-based supports budgets that promote self-direction for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He specializes in using assessment as a tool for learning and adaptation—helping governments and stakeholders reexamine the values and rationale behind legacy systems and make adjustments to bring systems in line with their present values. In addition, he has strong experience guiding agencies through the change process—focusing on shared vision-setting, transparency, and communication—as well as providing platforms for self-advocate and family involvement.

Prior to joining HSRI in 1983, John worked in direct services and administrative positions at agencies offering early intervention, residential, vocational, or family support services. John is a proud father and grandfather, and enjoys the outdoors and travel.


  • Doctorate in rehabilitation research from the University of Oregon
  • Master’s degree in special education from the University of Oregon
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Notre Dame
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