Jami Petner-Arrey

Jami Petner-Arrey

Policy Associate

Jami is a policy associate whose passion is to promote the autonomy of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and to make sure that systems are set up to help people with disabilities flourish. Jami's work acknowledges and furthers the expertise of people with disabilities, their families, advocates, and the professional community by collaboratively exploring what changes are needed and collectively developing plans to implement those changes. Jami’s work is focused on system changes that foster equity and promote self-determination through the development of individual budgets, expanding self-direction, modifying and developing services, and advancing policies and procedures towards greater reliability and transparency. Jami also works with the National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems (NCAPPS), teaches select courses at the University of New Mexico, and has significant experience working directly with people with IDD.

Prior to joining HSRI, Jami held a post-doctoral internship with Queens University: Multidimensional Assessment of Providers and Systems (MAPS) to assess and develop quality indicators for IDD support services. Jami was a special educator, including a head teacher, for 11 years and a service coordinator and direct support provider for 4 years. Jami is also a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) fellow, has interned with Disability Rights New Mexico, and has participated in ethics training and on human rights committees.

When not at work, Jami enjoys running, paddling, skiing, being in the wilderness, crafting, compulsively reading, and spending time with her favorite people in the world (Asa-husband, Ario-son, and Juni-daughter)!


  • Doctorate in special education: social justice, advocacy, and public policy from the University of New Mexico
  • Master's degree in special education: severe disabilities from the University of New Mexico
  • Bachelor's degree in special education: language arts from Eastern New Mexico University
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