Allie Myers

Allie Myers

Project Manager

Allie is a project manager whose work is driven by a passion for improving quality of life for individuals through system evaluations. She is particularly skilled at working with research and data services teams to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations and to ensure the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected. She is highly knowledgeable about institutional review boards (IRB) and evaluating research risk. She manages HSRI’s in-house IRB and explains IRB policies to project teams.  

Allie also has deep experience with producing project budgets, tracking and organizing project resources, and managing project assets and information—and she works to identify and respond to research and partnership opportunities that align with HSRI’s mission. She also has experience with data security and human resources.

Prior to joining HSRI, Allie was a recruitment coordinator at a staffing firm, where she worked on staffing temporary positions with Boston area law firms.

When not at work, Allie enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and baking.


  • Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University
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