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Focus Areas

Substance Use

HSRI has a long track record in the evaluation of substance use treatment services and the prevention of substance use. HSRI staff have worked with federal, state and foundation partners over the years to: conduct needs assessments to identify service needs at the national, state and local levels, to identify evidence based practices that meet the needs of various populations, to evaluate candidate practices for further evaluation, and to foster the implementation of evidence based practices in state and community service systems. Federal funding partners in this work have included: the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, and the Center for Mental Health Services. Additional funding sources have included state and community partners as well as national foundations.

HSRI's projects have focused on the following topic areas:

  • Organization and staffing models 
  • Financing of substance use treatment services 
  • Services evaluation and the identification of evidence based practices in treatment and prevention 
  • Implementation of evidence based treatment and prevention practices in various settings 
  • Service and prevention needs of specific populations including:
    • Children and youth, 
    • pregnant women and children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders,
    • individuals returning to communities from jails/prisons, and
    • members of specific racial and ethnic populations
  • Evaluation of treatment services for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders
  • Development of performance indicators for federal agencies
  • Cross-site evaluations of treatment and prevention service models'

HSRI was previously the prime contractor for the Data Analysis Coordination and Consolidation Center (DACCC) contract funded by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). CSAP looked to the DACCC to provide a centralized, comprehensive and coordinated data and analytic resource (for process, capacity, outcome and trend data at all levels of analysis including individual, project, community, state and national) for accountability, program planning and policy decisions.

HSRI staff have become expert in substance use prevention measure development, performance reporting and program evaluation for CSAP. Under this contract, HSRI provided a broad range of services to both federal staff and grantees in states and communities. We worked closely with representatives from the public sector (federal, state, and local officials) and private sector (universities and other research organizations) to develop and/or promote common standards, formats, definitions, data collection protocols, and instrument development to assure National Outcome Measures (NOMs), PART and GPRA, as well as other program specific requirements are met. The team promotes efficiency and effectiveness in data collection, analysis and reporting, thus resulting in increased accountability and availability of data for CSAP and the substance use prevention field.