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Inclusion and Supports

Community systems for people with disabilities are not an end in themselves but provide the possibility for individuals to be true members of those communities through work, leisure, friendships, and civic involvement. To realize lives that are full of opportunities, people and families need person-centered supports that help them to marry their aspirations with actual accomplishments. HSRI has been involved in a range of projects and initiatives that have furthered these ends. One major strand of work in this area is our long term commitment to develop flexible supports and services for families with children and adults with disabilities. We have conducted numerous evaluations of best practices around the country to understand how best to nurture person centered practices that facilitate inclusion through enhancements of public policy and more flexible use of resources. Throughout our work, we have attempted to find solutions that move systems from “one size fits all” to individually tailored supports through the development of planning, resource allocation, income support, and administrative and management strategies. More recently, we have worked with states interested in using the Supports Intensity Scale developed by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities restructure the way that they fund services in order to more closely match individual needs for supports with resources.