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In the News: NCI Data on Adults with Autism


National Core Indicators (NCI) data features prominently in a new article in Disability Scoop, which shares findings from a recent study by the AJ Drexel Autism Institute. Drexel researchers used NCI data to assess service needs, use, and outcomes for 3,520 adults with autism who receive state-provided developmental disability services. Pointing to the relatively small proportions of the study sample who were engaged in paying jobs in the community (14%) and structured day activities (25%), the researchers highlight the importance of better understanding the experiences and needs of those on the spectrum as they transition to adulthood.

(National Core Indicators is a collaborative effort between HSRI and the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services.)

Image from Disability Scoop article: adult at home using the computer

For more research on life experiences and outcomes of adults on the autism spectrum, using NCI data, check out this article published in Inclusion, written by HSRI staff and Ari Ne'eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

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