Dealing with Therapist

This is a compilation of unedited messages from the OUTCMTEN list that were received between September 2, 1999 and September 16, 1999. This discussion focused on how to overcome therapist resistance to outcome measurement. The original author asked if therapists might be less resistant if outcome measures were a) truly useful to therapists in treating individual patients and b) actually helped improve their outcomes. … Read More

Date: 09/1999

Author(s): The Evaluation Center@HSRI.

Toolkit on Translating and Adapting Instruments

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a step by step guide on the translation and adaptation of an instrument, using the latest standards for methodological approaches in cross-cultural research, in order to achieve cultural equivalency. Researchers and evaluators will be made aware of the conceptual and methodological challenges involved in translating and adapting instruments, and will be provided with guidelines and suggestions throughout the process. … Read More

Date: 04/2005

Author(s): Ligia M. Chávez, Ph.D., Glorisa Canino, Ph.D.

The Performance Improvement Project

In 2003, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) promulgated new regulations requiring Medicaid managed behavioral health organizations to conduct annual Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs). This manual, developed in association with the National Association of County Behavorial Health Directors and the California Institute for Mental Health, provides a step by step approach to all phases of developing, implementing, and evaluating Performance Improvement Projects, with detailed information and resources presented in format and language designed to … Read More

Date: 10/2004

Author(s): Dow A. Wieman, Ph.D., Robert Egnew, M.S.W., M.P.H., Ed Diksa, ScD

The MHSIP Quality Report Toolkit

The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide guidance for those who have chosen to use the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) Quality Report to assess and report on the quality of behavioral health service systems in which they have an interest. The Quality Report is a modular performance measurement system designed to assess and report on the quality and efficiency of mental health services. Along with a set of universal indicators applicable to … Read More

Date: 05/2004

Author(s): Dow Wieman, PhD., H. Stephen Leff, Ph.D., Amy DiRamio, Sarah Witham, Eric Goplerud, Ph.D., and Elise Young, M.S.W.

Toolkit for Conducting Case Mix Adjustment

The purposes of the toolkit are, first, to provide a description of the definition, rationale, limitations, required tasks, and analytic methods of mental health performance indicator risk adjustment; and second, to provide the reader with computer exercises using a hypothetical database to practice conducting a risk-adjustment using either SAS or SPSS. A training module appropriate for distance learning adaptability will be released to accompany the toolkit. … Read More

Date: 05/2004

Author(s): Michael Hendryx, PhD.

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