Mortality Can Be a Powerful Performance Indicator

The issue discusses the growing evidence that measures of mortality in a mental health service recipient population can be powerful indicators of system performance. Massachusetts’ Department of Mental Health is used as a case study. … Read More

Date: 05/1998

Author(s): Evaluation Center@HSRI

Evidence Supports Medical Cost Offset

This issue reviews the evidence for the potential of mental health services to reduce subsequent utilization and costs of other public services. The topic of this issue seems particularly timely considering the appearance of several articles on cost offset in March/April 1999 issue of Health Affairs. … Read More

Date: 03/1999

Author(s): Evaluation Center@HSRI

Research Shows Ethnicity a Factor

This issue discusses the growing body of research that has begun to demonstrate how racial and ethnic groups respond differently to psychiatric medication. … Read More

Date: 10/1998

Author(s): Evaluation Center@HSRI

Weaver Founds New Consumer Research Center

This issue presents excerpts from an interview with Paul Weaver, Ph.D., Director of the newly formed Kentucky Center for Mental Health Studies, Inc. (KCMHS). KCMHS is a consumer-governed research institute designed to support mental health service consumers to conduct and collaborate in conducting mental health clinical and services research. … Read More

Date: 07/1998

Author(s): Evaluation Center@HSRI

Cochrane Library is Resource for Service Effectiveness

This issue reviews the Cochrane Collaboration and Library, a resource for systematic reviews of literature on the effectiveness of mental health services. … Read More

Date: 04/1998

Author(s): Evaluation Center @ HSRI

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