The Riot! - Issue 34

'What's in YOUR Cookbook? Tips and Tricks to Spice Up Self-Advocacy' … Read More

Date: 6/2013

Author(s): The Riot! Staff

Ohio Soar Project: Final Report

The Ohio Soar Project is an evaluation of Ohio’s three-year Differential Response project funded by the Children’s Bureau Quality Improvement Center on Differential Response. Differential Response is an emerging child welfare model which creates two tracks for referred families: for more high-risk families, the traditional “investigation” response (TR) is provided, while Alternative Response (AR) offers families a more critical role in assuring the safety and well-being of their children … Read More

Date: 11/2013

Author(s): Julie Murphy, Linda Newton-Curtis, Madeleine Kimmich

NCI Annual Summary Report 2011-2012

National Core Indicators (NCI) began in 1997 as a collaborative effort between the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) and the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI). The goal of the program was to encourage and support NASDDDS member agencies to develop a standard set of performance measures that could be used by states to manage quality and across states for making comparisons and setting benchmarks. Fifteen states initially stepped forward to work … Read More

Date: 11/2013

Author(s): NASDDDS & HSRI

The Riot! - Issue 33

Welcome to our Voting Rocks! Issue. Self-advocates are all about speaking up for themselves and others. One way to have your voice heard is to vote. This issue is about helping you get ready to vote. Inside you will find information about new voting technology, personal stories about voting, and tools to help you decide who you want to vote for. … Read More

Date: 7/2012

Author(s): The Riot! Staff

Illinois at the Tipping Point; Blueprint for System Redesign Update

In 2011, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities asked HSRI to refresh the findings originally described in the Gap Analysis project conducted in 2007, review the progress made in Illinois since 2008 to implement the Action Steps recommended by the  original Blueprint, and offer additional recommendations as warranted.  This report presents a strategic assessment of the Illinois service system for people with I/DD, from 2008 to the present. … Read More

Date: 6/2012

Author(s): John Agosta, Drew Smith, Jaime Daignault, & Yoshi Kardell

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