Finding Evidence-based Practices: A Compilation of On-Line, Searchable Databases and descriptions

This is a reference guide developed by the Evaluation Center on a list of on-line resources pertaining to evidence-based practices. Electronic resources include sites that focus on evidence-based mental health interventions, those that contain reviews of interventions for mental health and other medical disorders, sites that focus on understanding and using evidence-based medicine that are not specific to mental health, and printed references to evidence-based mental health practices. … Read More

Date: 06/2003

Author(s): The Evaluation Center @ HSRI

Getting to Systems that Promote Self-Determination

This is a working paper that was prepared for The National Self-Determination and Psychiatric Disability Invitational Conference: We Make the Road by Traveling on it, in Chicago-O’Hare, Illinois. The paper discusses self-determination in the field of mental health, exploring the construct of self-determination and the use of research and evaluation to develop systems which promote self-determination. The author presents challenges for quantitative research and evaluation posed by self-determination for persons with mental disorders: … Read More

Date: 10/2003

Author(s): H. Stephen Leff, Jeremy Conley, Theodora Campbell-Orde and Valerie Bradley

Annotated Bibliography on Cultural Psychiatry and Related Topics

The annotated bibliography contains brief guides to journals, videotapes and relevant websites concerning topics in multicultural mental health issues. Areas such as cultural competency assessment and promotion, as well as training materials for culturally and linguistically appropriate services are also included. … Read More

Date: 02/2005

Author(s): Francis G. Lu, M.D.

Consumer Research Activities in the States

This report provides an overview of consumer involvement in mental health research and evaluation, aiming to inform technical assistance centers, such as the Evaluation Center through its Consumer Evaluator Network, where to direct resources in regards to consumer research and evaluation activities. The report discusses 1) consumers’ involvement in evaluation and research, 2) the areas in which consumers’ desire technical assistance in these fields, and 3) consumers’ familiarity with a consumer grant program that funds … Read More

Date: 06/2005

Author(s): Dr. Paul Weaver, Kentucky Center for Mental Health Studies

Not All Statistically Significant Differences are Alike

Equivalence analysis is a new statistical tool for human services research. Stemming from pharmaceutical bioequivalence analysis, equivalence analysis offers a different perspective then traditional null hypothesis testing. … Read More

Date: 06/2003

Author(s): Evaluation Center@HSRI

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