NCI At-A-Glance Report 2012-2013

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Date: 11/2014

Author(s): NASDDDS & HSRI

Peer Respite Toolkit

The Toolkit for Evaluating Peer Respites is written for evaluators, government officials, and peer?to?peer program staff and managers. It can be used to document program operations and outcomes and to build evidence for the efficacy of peer respites. This resource includes recommendations on best practices in evaluation and data monitoring based on techniques used by other peer respites. It encompasses a range of strategies for collecting and reporting data. In this context,data … Read More

Date: 11/2014

Author(s): Bevin Croft  and Laysha Ostrow 

Peer Respite Characteristics

The purpose of this report is to share information on current characteristics of existing peer respites to inform program development in other states and localities, and provide information for other interested stakeholders. … Read More

Date: 11/2014

Author(s): Bevin Croft and Laysha Ostrow

Ohio Soar Project: Executive Summary

The Ohio Soar Project is an evaluation of Ohio’s three-year Differential Response project funded by the Children’s Bureau Quality Improvement Center on Differential Response. Differential Response is an emerging child welfare model which creates two tracks for referred families: for more high-risk families, the traditional “investigation” response (TR) is provided, while Alternative Response (AR) offers families a more critical role in assuring the safety and well-being of their children … Read More

Date: 01/2014

Author(s): Julie Murphy, Linda Newton-Curtis, Madeleine Kimmich

The Riot! - Issue 34

'What's in YOUR Cookbook? Tips and Tricks to Spice Up Self-Advocacy' … Read More

Date: 6/2013

Author(s): The Riot! Staff

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