Estimating Treatments Costs For Mental Health Programs

This toolkit is designed for program evaluators and others who wish to understand how unit costs of specific mental health services are estimated, especially where data available to carry out estimations vary in both quantity and quality. Per unit costs are the key to determination of per person expenditures. This toolkit has been developed to offer some practical methods for arriving at unit cost estimates when it is not possible to gain access to the … Read More

Date: 03/1999

Author(s): Barbara Dickey, Ph.D., Jennifer K. Beecham, Ph.D., Eric Latimer, Ph.D., & H. Stephen Leff, Ph.D.

Meta-Analysis Guidelines

This is an exercept of guidelines on conducting a meta-analysis. Topics covered include selecting and coding studies, correction of coefficients for artifacts, interpreting results and resolution of conflicting meta-analyses. The guidelines are summarized succinctly by the authors and is a useful compendium to the HSRI toolkit on Practical Meta-Analysis … Read More

Date: 04/1989

Author(s): The Evaluation Center @HSRI

Excerpt: A Model of Indicators & A Report Card

This is a brief excerpt taken from a Model of Indicators & a Report Card for an assessment of mental health plans and systems performance. It includes various means of presenting and interpreting performance assessment data and disseminating findings. Sample Report Card formats with graphic illustrations are also included. … Read More

Date: 06/2000

Author(s): The Evaluation Center @HSRI

Quick Reference Guide

This is an abridged version of our popular reference guide of resources on evidence-based practices. It includes resources on the internet as well as print. … Read More

Date: 02/2002

Author(s): The Evaluation @ HSRI


The issue highlights a few presentations and/or papers from the 2001 NRI conference. The focus of the conference was on “How Do We Stop Having the Same Conversations?” The presentations and/or papers point to different but related missing links in developing, testing, and implementing evidence-based practices. … Read More

Date: 04/2002

Author(s): A joint publication of the Center and NASMHPD Research Institute (NRI)

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