NCAPPS: The Role of Culture in Person-Centered Thinking, Planning, Practice

Date: 07/2019

Author(s): Tawara D. Goode, MA, Director, Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence and Director, Georgetown University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities; Andy Arias, System Change Advocate and Program Manager for Orange County & Los Angeles; Chacku Mathai

Every person is a cultural being and has multiple cultural identities. Some people experience intersectionality due to societally imposed discrimination because of their memberships in multiple marginalized social groups. Yet person-centered thinking, planning, and practice have been slow to assemble the “pieces of the puzzle” that link the integral role of culture in the design, delivery, and evaluation of services and supports for this nation’s diverse populations. This presentation takes an in-depth look at culture, its multiple dimensions, and the essential role it plays among states, territories, and tribal nations seeking to align their values and policies with person-centered thinking, planning, and practice in health and human services. It also features the role of culture in services and supports that are preferred and needed from the perspective of those with lived experience. 

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