Executive Summary: Ohio’s Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project “ProtectOhio”

Date: 5/2010

Author(s): Madeleine Kimmich, Julie Murphy, Erin Singer, Kim Firth, Linda Newton-Curtis, Cailin Wheeler, Jamie Daignault

The ProtectOhio Comprehensive Final Evaluation Report, explores the impact of the Title IV-E Waiver (a national child welfare demonstration project), in 18 participating Ohio counties. Since 1997, these child welfare agencies have used flexible federal funding source s to enhance services and provide family-driven supports, in an effort to reduce their use of foster care. This evaluation report examines the implementation of system reform efforts made possible by the Waiver, specifically focusing on four main strategies adopted by ProtectOhio counties: family team meetings, supervised visitation, kinship caregivers, and enhanced mental health and substance abuse services in Ohio. The report also provides analysis of fiscal and participant outcomes, as well as an analysis of the trajectories of children in both ProtectOhio demonstration counties and comparison counties.

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