Environmental Scan: Psychiatric Crisis Redesign in Milwaukee County

Date: 12/2018

Author(s): HSRI

HSRI and its partner the Wisconsin Policy Forum were asked to facilitate a project aimed at redesigning the psychiatric crisis service system in Milwaukee County. The project stemmed from the impending outsourcing of Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division (BHD) inpatient services and the anticipated closure of the county’s Mental Health Complex, including BHD’s psychiatric emergency department. It was steered by an Advisory Committee comprised of public and private sector behavioral health leaders and administrative representatives. 

This Environmental Scan report guided the planning effort. Key items reflected in the report include:

  • An overview of the components that comprise the current Milwaukee County psychiatric crisis service system and how those compare to national norms
  • An overview of the characteristics of those accessing psychiatric crisis services in Milwaukee County and where they are accessing those services.
  • Examples of national best practices in the different psychiatric crisis service areas.

The psychiatric crisis redesign planning effort was jointly commissioned and funded by Milwaukee County and the health system members of the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership.

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