Evaluating Models of Medicaid Managed Mental Health: Program and Evaluation Materials from States

Date: /1996

Author(s): The Evaluation Center @ HSRI

This resource book provides original materials from states about their managed mental health care programs for Medicaid recipients as well as materials from the evaluations of these programs. In addition, Evaluation Center staff have prepared a brief overview of the program and evaluations of each of the eleven states included. States were chosen for inclusion that had Medicaid managed mental health care programs, and had program evaluations planned, in process, or completed. Since this has been an ongoing project, the states included do not necessarily represent all states that meet these criteria currently, but they do provide a substantial sample of such programs as of January 1996. For each state, where applicable and available, we have included a State Overview (prepared by The Evaluation Center), a Program Summary, Evaluation Design/Plans, Instruments, and Reports. The book also will contain introductory materials including a national overview and summary results from the states studied. The included appendix contains material relevant to the first multi-state study funded by HCFA and SAMHSA.

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