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Shaping Human Services Policy and Practice – March 11, 2014

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Reinventing Quality 2014

Planning is under way for the 2014 Reinventing Quality Conference, which will take place in Baltimore from August 3-5. Held biannually for more than two decades now, the Reinventing Quality Conference is hosted by HSRI, the National Association of Directors of Developmental Disabilities, the Institute for Community Integration at the University of Minnesota, the American Network of Community Options and Resources, and the National Leadership Consortium. The conference provides a showcase for best practices in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities and draws from the experience of multiple stakeholders, including self-advocates, family members, public managers, and providers.

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HSRI Child and Family Services Team Releases Final Report for the Ohio Soar Project

The Child and Family Services team recently completed the Final Report of the evaluation of Ohio’s three-year Differential Response project funded by the Children’s Bureau Quality Improvement Center on Differential Response. Differential Response is an emerging child welfare model that creates two tracks for referred families: a traditional “investigation” response (TR) for more high-risk families and an Alternative Response (AR) that allows families a more critical role in assuring the safety and well-being of their children through partnerships with workers and supportive services. Findings from the random control trial evaluation suggest that children served in AR are as safe as similar children served in TR and are of relatively low risk. Additionally, the focus on engaging families may have radiated throughout the child welfare agency as a whole, impacting both AR and TR families.

The full report and an executive summary are available on HSRI’s website:

Mady Kimmich

A Symposium for Madeleine Kimmich: Celebrating 26 Years of Service at HSRI

In recognition of Mady Kimmich’s retirement after 26 years of work in the field of child welfare evaluation, HSRI’s Child and Family Services team will conduct a Symposium on Child Welfare Practice on March 10 in Portland, Oregon. A small group of experts from around the country who have worked with Mady over the years have been invited to come to Portland to join the CFS team and spend a day reflecting on the work we do. Mady will lead the group in discussions about how the child welfare field has evolved over the last two decades, current successes and challenges in the field, and how the field may change going forward.

Update on National Core Indicators – Aging & Disability Services

The new National Core Indicators – Aging & Disability Services (NCI-AD) project is well under way. Project staff have conducted Consumer Survey trainings in two of the three pilot states; interviewers in Georgia were trained in mid-January and interviewers in Minnesota were trained in mid-February. Data collection in both states is slated to begin in early March. Ohio, the last pilot state, will hold its interviewer training in late March and will begin data collection shortly thereafter. It is anticipated that all the data for the pilot project will be collected and submitted to HSRI by early fall 2014. Data analysis and survey revision will take place in late 2014 and early 2015. The official rollout of the NCI-AD Consumer Survey is projected for spring 2015, with the routine cycle of data collection expected to begin in June 2015. HSRI staff are very excited for this latest extension of the National Core Indicators Project!

Elizabeth Pell

Accolades to HSRI East Developmental Disability Team Member Elizabeth Pell

HSRI’s own Elizabeth Pell, along with her colleagues, was recently applauded for work she has done with regional, support coordination, and state staff on Georgia’s New ISP Training. The director of quality management for Georgia’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, Eddie Towson, reached out to HSRI to share the following:

“You should be proud of the staff you have in completing this work, I know I am! I'm just the 'yes man' here, but they have done the work. As a state and those we serve will never know the great work these ladies and THEIR staff have done to bring this to fruition. Great work in connecting with great people who truly care about the individuals they serve!”

Behavioral Health Team Publishes a Study in Psychiatric Services on Seclusion and Restraint Reduction

An article by HSRI team members, titled “Multisite Study of an Evidence-Based Practice to Reduce Seclusion and Restraint in Psychiatric Inpatient Facilities,” will appear in the March issue of the journal Psychiatric Services. Authored by Dow A. Wieman, Teresita Camacho-Gonsalves, Kevin Ann Huckshorn, and Stephen Leff, the article outlines the findings of a federally funded study that examined the implementation and outcomes of the Six Core Strategies for Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint© in 43 inpatient psychiatric facilities.

The authors employed several innovative techniques in the study, including a prototype Inventory of Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Interventions to track fidelity over time, a process they call “dynamic fidelity measurement” whereby facilities were classified into various categories based on the extent to which they implemented the core components of the Six Core Strategies. A dose effect analysis was conducted to test the relationship between these categories and reduction in the rates of seclusion and restraint. Outcomes for facilities in the category of stabilized implementation were a 17% reduction in the proportion of facility population secluded, a 19% reduction in hours of seclusion, and a 30% reduction in the proportion of facility population restrained. The reduction in restraint hours was not statistically significant. Individual facility effect sizes varied, and some rates increased for some facilities.

The article is available at PsychiatryOnline

HSRI National Core Indicators Team Participates in Webinar on Reducing Medication Use in Adults with ID/DD

On February 18, Val Bradley and Dorothy Hiersteiner participated in a webinar titled “Reducing Medication Use in Adults with ID/DD,” organized by the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR). Val and Dorothy presented NCI findings on rates of psychotropic drug use among the NCI Adult Consumer Survey population and discussed initiatives undertaken by states to manage over-medication. Other webinar presenters demonstrated the findings of state-specific studies into psychotropic drug use and discussed the measures their states have taken to reduce over-medication in adults with ID/DD. The webinar brought attention to an important issue, and it was well-attended and well-received.

Download slides from the webinar.

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