HSRI Announces Its Next President

Date: 10/2015

In an announcement released on October 29, HSRI President Valerie Bradley revealed impending leadership changes for HSRI, including the promotion of David Hughes to the position of President beginning in January 2017:

Dear Friends of HSRI,

About two years ago, as I moved into my 70th year, I began to think about my own future and the future of HSRI and the careful steps that would be necessary to allow me to gradually shift out of the organization’s leadership role. Given how much I care about HSRI and our work, I wanted to make sure that any transition process unfolded in an intentional and thoughtful way that maximized continuity. I enlisted the help of an independent consulting firm that assists nonprofits through the transition process. The consultants led us through a very deliberate progression with participation by both the Board and staff. Organizational transitions are not linear and have implications beyond changes in leadership. The process, therefore, resulted in enhancements of policies and procedures as well as Board reforms. It culminated in Board approval of the promotion of David Hughes, PhD, to Executive Vice President, effective immediately, and agreement that he should become President of HSRI in January 2017 – the year that HSRI moves into its 5th decade!

The Board and I are confident that David will be the next leader that HSRI needs. He has been central to the organization’s evolution over the past 20 years and is passionate about its vision and purpose. I know that HSRI will be in the best possible hands.

When I co-founded HSRI nearly 40 years ago with John Ashbaugh, the landscape of services to people with disabilities looked very different than it does today. From a system dominated by large, remote, congregate facilities, we have seen the continual development of services and supports in the community and an increasing emphasis on person centered and directed approaches. We’ve also seen the growth of organized advocacy groups made up of people with disabilities as well as the growth of family movements. During these four decades, HSRI – through a combination of research, technical assistance, and advocacy – has made significant contributions to these changes and continues to work to improve the lives of people with disabilities going forward. I have no intention of leaving the field after January 2017, but will stay on at HSRI as a President Emeritus/Senior Advisor. This work has been enormously important to me and I will continue to be involved wherever I can contribute.

Please congratulate David and celebrate the continuation of HSRI’s mission and leadership.

With thanks to all my friends and colleagues,

Valerie J. Bradley, President
Human Services Research Institute

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