New Report: HSRI Evaluates Year 1 of a Supported Decision-Making Pilot

Date: 12/2015

HSRI released its first-year evaluation report of a supported decision-making (SDM) pilot project in western Massachusetts. The project is a joint initiative between the Center for Public Representation and Nonotuck Resource Associates.

The report notes key lessons learned and provides recommendations for those looking to implement SDM. As stated in the report, CPR and Nonotuck established a cooperative organizational foundation for SDM, invested considerable resources in SDM education and training, and assisted seven adults with a range of disabilities and life experiences to adopt SDM.

HSRI is conducting a two-year evaluation of the project, in which eight adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are participating. Seven of the participants adopted SDM, choosing family members and shared living providers as decision supporters. Two individuals were under guardianship at the start of the pilot. Last month, a probate court judge removed one of the guardianships in favor of supported decision making. For additional information on the project and this historic court decision, visit the website at

HSRI’s Year 2 evaluation will examine the use of SDM and the experience of adopters, decision supporters, and involved community members (bankers, doctors, etc.).

Click on the link below to download the report.

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