New Resource on Oral Health Care for Adults with IDD

Date: 08/2018

People with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) are more likely to have poor oral health as compared to the general population. And for many people with IDD, it can be challenging to get good oral health care.

Alixe Bonardi, director of IDD services research at HSRI, and colleagues at the Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School summarized evidence-based and promising practices to inform clinicians and support better oral health care for the IDD population. Their summary covers:

  1. Education and behavioral interventions
  2. Interventions that improve access to services
  3. Strategies to prevent cavities and other oral health problems
  4. The use of sedation to facilitate treatment

Read the full summary, Oral Health Care for Adults with IDD.

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