New Reports! NCI 2018-19 Family Survey Reports

Date: 02/2020

NCI has released its 2018-19 National Reports for the Adult Family, Family/Guardian and Child Family Survey. Some highlights include:

  • Adult Family Survey (family members/guardians of an adult with IDD who lives in their home): 11% of respondents were 75 or older; the average age of their family member with IDD was 34; 15% of respondents take part in family-to-family networks; 96% of respondents feel services and supports have made a positive difference for their family member with IDD.
  • Family/Guardian Survey (family members/guardians of an adult with IDD who does not live in their home):  57% visited their family member with IDD 12 or more times in the past year; the average age of the family member with IDD was 48, and 61% were living in a group home setting; 44% say that services and supports always change when their family's needs change.
  • Child Family Survey (family members/guardians of a child with IDD who lives in their home): 33% say they or a family member provide paid support; 43% say that support workers always have the right information and skills to meet the family's needs; 73% say the child's service providers work together to provide support.
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