NCI Releases Staff Stability Survey Report

Date: 11/2015

Recognizing that the quality of life for individuals with ID/DD in the service system is inextricably linked to the work quality and stability of those who are paid to support them, the National Core Indicators (NCI) assists states in collecting accurate and comprehensive data on the direct support professional (DSP) workforce. NCI just released its 2014 Staff Stability Survey Report, which compiles survey data taken from provider agencies in nine participating states and the District of Columbia. Some initial findings include: 

  • Of the DSPs who left employment at responding agencies between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, 37% had been employed for less than 6 months. This figure varied vastly by state. 

  • Across the responding agencies, the turnover rate for DSPs was 45%. 

  • Of responding agencies that differentiate between full- and part-time employees, there was a 7% vacancy rate for full-time positions and 13% vacancy rate for part-time positions.  

  • Across participating states, DSPs received an average hourly wage of $11.11. DSPs providing in-home and residential supports earned less on average than those providing non-residential supports. 

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