New Report! NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey: 2017-2018 National Results

Date: 09/2019

The National Core Indicators – Aging and Disabilities™ (NCI-AD™) project just released results from its NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey, a consumer quality of life instrument that provides important insights to the aging and physical disabilities field. During the 2017-18 NCI-AD data collection cycle, a total of 17,336 Adult Consumer Surveys were conducted across 16 states.

Some highlights from the report (averages were risk-adjusted):

  • 82% of respondents reported they like where they live; 88% are always able to see or talk to their friends and family (who do not live with them) when they want
  • 20% of those who are not currently working would like a job; 26% of those who do not currently volunteer would like to
  • Most who need at least some assistance with everyday activities or self-care reported they always get the help they need (83% and 82%, respectively)
  • 69% of respondents reported they feel in control of their lives
  • Three-quarters (74%) reported the services they receive meet their current needs and goals.
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