Midwest Leadership Institute

Date: 02/2019

The University of Delaware is bringing its week-long intensive program to the Midwest to assist leaders to transform supports for people with IDD. April 7-12, in Kansas City, Missouri, the Midwest Leadership Institute offers an opportunity for Midwest leaders to learn from each other, leading experts, self-advocates, and their families. Applications are due March 8!

The outcomes of the Midwest Leadership Institute include:

  • Enhancing leadership confidence and strengths to achieve mission-focused organizational goals;
  • Managing for quality services, supports, and outcomes;
  • Visioning a better future and successful organizational change;
  • Transitioning to an individualized service system, including fiscal and managerial implications;
  • Achieving success in leadership challenges unique to the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities; and
  • Developing effective measurement and quality management systems.

HSRI partners with the University of Delaware as part of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities.

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